Minggu, 26 September 2010

LIFE IN 2020

Technology is getting higher and higher every year. People used telephone which had heavy box and couldn’t be brought anywhere many years ago but today we use cell phone or smart phone to call someone and it can be used anywhere. We also used to type a report or assignment by ‘typed machine’ but now there are personal computer, notebook, net book, and macbook to help us in typing. It shows us how fast technology has grown.

I saw a movie about human’s life next two decades. It told us that technology has developed so fast. We use computer technology in everything we do. We don’t have to employ someone to be our assistant to remind us what we have to do later. We can remember everything by using computer technology and put it in our mirror, photo frame, and other stuff in our house. We can make an avatar to be our assistant and it is similar to human. If we search for information, we can ask him or her like talking to other people. We can also put computer technology in our refrigerator to check our food regularly and if it is empty, the computer will order the food itself and ask the supermarket to send the food to our house. Moreover, computer technology can be used for sightseeing or visiting many wonderful places in the whole world without spending lots of money. What we need is just save the 3D pictures in it so we can see the places and feel like being there. Therefore, most of people love watching movie at cinema but in the year of 2020, people don’t have to go to the cinema to watch the movie. They are able to watch it anywhere by wearing glasses with computer technology in it.

We don’t need any servants to clean up, cook, wash our clothes and serve us too because there will be a robot which replace them. The robot can also be our security to take care our house while we aren’t at home (working, studying, going to cinema, etc). It has a sensor like our eyes to keep an eye on our house even our stuff by translating them to ‘their language’ which contains numbers. Once we save the numbers to the computer in its brain, the sensor will recognize our equipments (books, TV, plates, sofas, tables, etc). Let me illustrate, one day your friend borrows your book. If he/she puts the book in their room, the robot will know where your book is. Then when you need it but you forget where you put it, the robot will remind you that your book is in your friend’s room. So you can find and use it. However, this robot doesn’t have any emotion like human. It is not able to smile, feel angry, sad, and other feelings and the scientists are doing some research to make a robot with emotions like human kind.

According to the movie, we know that computer technology gives us many advantages for our life. It has high technology that is very useful in many aspects. It means that computer technology make our works easier than before. It is more efficient and we can finish many different jobs together because it takes short time to do it and can be found anywhere. For police officers, the reason they can secure the roads in a big city, such as London, by monitoring them from their office is that hidden cameras on the roads use computer technology which connect with many screens in their office. The hidden cameras also recognize somebody’s face in order that if there is a terrorist in the city, they are easy to find and catch the person.

On the other hand, although computer technology helps us, there are some disadvantages too. First, computer technology makes people lazy because we don’t have to work hard to do something, just click a button then everything is done. Second, we use our brain less than before. We don’t have any effort to think by ourselves to solve problems in life, so we might become stupid. Finally, what computer technology makes is artificial. In other words, we can say that all of them are created by people and not happening naturally. In fact we cannot have any real experiences because we never visit the places.

Even though computer technology makes our life easier, there is something that we have to do by ourselves without it. High technology is awesome but we have to manage and control it. We sort some works which can be done by ourselves and some which have to use computer technology. By using the computer technology wisely, I believe our life will be much better.

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