Sabtu, 11 September 2010

Children Copy...

Children copy their parents’ behaviors..
Many parents think children have a bad behavior by copying their friends. But, have they ever thought that children copied their behaviors?
Every parents want their children to be a good person in future. They teach them how to behave, control their emotion, talk to other people in good ways and manage their life. They also give some advices when their children face a problem. They always tell everything is good or bad although their children sometimes don’t listen to them. They just try to give the best for their children.
However, we all know that nobody’s perfect even parents. They try to give us the best but, sometimes they can do something bad. For example, nowadays many parents smoke in front of their children. They never realize that they do something wrong. They show a bad example to their children. Don’t be surprised if someday their children will smoke because children can copy their behavior. Many parents also always talk about good things but they just talk about it not do it. We can call it “bullshit”.
I wanna tell a little story based on my experience. My father always teaches me when you lose something because you forget where you put it, just try to search it. You can’t find it just by talking loudly to other people, “where is my wallet??? (example)”. Your wallet won’t come to you. One day, my father lost his flash disk and he forgot where he put it. He asked me, “Andari, did you know where my flash disk is?” “I don’t know dad,” I answered. Then, I helped him to find it. I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find it. 15 minutes later, my father still couldn’t find his flash disk and he got stress (because it was really important) and he shouted, “where is my flash disk? Why can’t nobody find it??” Ok, 30 minutes later, he realized something. He checked his bag and he found his FD there. Well, he just smiled at me.
Eventhough parents have given us the best, they are still a usual human. They can make mistakes and do something wrong. As their children, we have rights to choose what the best for us. We have a wonderful brain to think and decide which is good or bad. We can’t accept everything without think about it first. As the result, we can copy our parents’ good behavior and we can throw away all the bad.

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